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Good Thymes

September 24, 2010

I am reading with five really cool people on Tuesday at 9:30 at a place in Muncie called Be Here Now. Tyler Gobble wrote a sestina about it and I thought that was nice. It’s here.

also, my giddy-tickles are increasing for seeing The National next weekend. hoooooo man

also, I found out about something today that i will talk more about later that is writing related that i am excited about. hooooooo man


backstroke of terror

September 22, 2010

vis a tergo has My Puppy Dog Heart Whines When You Leave up on their site. I appreciate that.

Today I Am A Palindrome

September 19, 2010


The Only Time I Strangled You Was When You Asked Nicely

September 17, 2010

Tonight Tyler Gobble and I drank beer and listened to music and that was one of the better parts of my day. Another part was angry yelling and stomping around my friend Lindsey’s kitchen, because

The More You Know

-Rainbow Star-

About Some People The More You Want To Say, “Hey, Sit Down On This Couch For A Second” And Beat Them With Their Taxidermied Childhood Pet

And Shove The Hairs That Fall Off Of It Up Their Nostrils (Assuming This Is A Long-Haired Dog Or Cat) And As They Are Losing Oxygen Gaze At Them Lovingly And Whisper “You Are My Sunshine” Then Light The Hairs On Fire And Roast Marshmallows Over TheIr Head With Your Family And Friends As They Succumb To The Flames

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September 12, 2010

I’m nervous most of the time. I scribble out letters on guacamole packages in Aldi so they read “made with 4 fresh ass avocados.”

Barfing myself to sleep sounds like it will stop my liver from soaking in fidgety chemicals. It rarely works.

You Can Have My Arms, Here, Take Them

September 9, 2010

everyone i love is becoming a fragile fish falling off my dresser

everyone i love is crumpled at the bottom of my closet when i’m ready to look at it again

everyone i love ignores the stains on the comforter

everyone i love comes with multiple layers of meaning when done well

everyone i love dancing in an upstairs apartment, praying to air

everyone i love kisses the salt off my legs

everyone i love is still up when i fall asleep and i know it and i worry and i know it

everyone i love will break off into the ocean

everyone i love will touch foreheads

everyone i love knows by the end

for Jack, the golden retriever that lives in my house

September 2, 2010

you know how to obey
but you don’t
have the ability to love

here is some pizza