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Becoming My Bondservant Will Solve All Your Problems

March 24, 2010

Become my bondservant.  Shut up, just do it.


Wear a name tag that says “Bondservant” 24 hours a day.  Forget your name because your former identity is dead.  You are Bondservant.


Train three miniature horses to bring me Tostitos when I ring a porcelain bell decorated with hand-painted fish I bought five years ago at a gift shop in Florida.


Mourn the loss of your freedom.


Become unable to mourn after I threaten to disembowel you for feeling emotions.


Cover your hands in liquid chocolate and caress my neck and breasts in a dimly lit room.  Be initially unwilling.  Be disturbed and enthralled by your resulting erotic dreams.


Remember the Titans.


Convert to my religion and erase all previous trace of philosophical influence from your mind.  Never think for yourself again.


Make me the grilled sandwiches I like so much, the ones with roasted red peppers and chicken.  Don’t whine, just do it.


Make a conscious decision to lay down your consciousness, which is ironic and maybe self-defeating in some way.


Get me a strawberry milkshake now, dammit.

To Ratchet, Darling: This Is Not My Best, But I Did It For You.

December 26, 2009

two dozen foil-covered dishes splay out

grease and fat made proudly by my

discerning relatives, one set of wrinkled

silver tops devouring another.


my eyes glaze like

uncovered gravy

going solid in the beige

Pyrex behind the second

dish of deviled eggs.


my aunts and grandmother

talk about homosexuals.


did you hear about Brian and his ‘friend’

…..……you know they won’t be having children

……….(laugh laugh laugh)

but you can’t judge ‘em

………….no, you have to love’em, they’re still


I don’t think God made ‘em that way

I think they choose to be like that


we humans have trouble with

presence without pretext,

pesky “I think, therefore I am

uncomfortable” leaving us unable

to sit silent with each other, radiating

happiness by simple fact of I am not alone

and we are not alone together.


I would rather kneel

eyes closed, bare neck

against your black velvet

throat, nerves to skin to fur

to skin to nerves singing it is good

that you are here it is good that we

touch your presence against my presence

is good it is good we are together here it is

good it is good it is good back and forth in primal

love rite language deeper felt than words

left unregistered by your

beautiful brain.