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These things are smiles.

January 29, 2011

Here is a thing of mine in decomP. This thing from Tyler is there too and that’s neat.

Moving Targets Don’t Become Lunch

January 28, 2011

Safety is dead, vulture heart, sinking
ship, bullet-holed sign inked
“No Trespassing; Here Be Monsters”
growing from gravel, a tree grown
from a gravestone seed the size of
sufficient faith, tinier than mountains
of sand. Viking funerals sell one-way tickets,
and the trip is worth buckets of water.
This is not your mother’s hug before
your first day of kindergarten, this is not
a blanket of fur to incubate your quivering
heart, this is a loaded gun held in your
own hand, your wretched voice
demanding respect, sounds of awful,
hungry cries longing for the salty gash
of your piss-soaked skin. Shoot point blank,
take no prisoners, and forget, because
this place hates you and knows you
love it back.


January 13, 2011

ay) I read this today and nodded a lot.

bee) I am going to this and that is a perfect 10.