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Yeah Baby, You Know What I Like

November 30, 2009

We’re only this age once,

you know.  Someday twenty

or thirty years from now I’ll

whine and sigh at a bathroom

mirror about how smooth my

shoulders used to be when I

was young.  It might make me

cry.  It might make the mirror

uncomfortable, not knowing

how to soothe me without

getting more involved than

it really wants to be. I’ll punch

the mirror in the face because

I’m feeling angry and don’t

have a healthier available

outlet.  I’ll want sex real bad

because I’m feeling vulnerable

but kind of strong and sexy too

because I just fucking killed

that mirror like I get paid by

the hour to be a total badass.

Since this is my poem and I

am in control, there’ll be

someone there who wants

to have sex with me and

thinks it’s hot that I just

destroyed the bathroom mirror.

Neither of us will have to go

to work in the morning.


It will be the best night

I’ve had in a long time.


November 6, 2009

“Excuse me, ma’am; could you direct me to yer shitter?”

says the large white man with twitchy hands.

so I rustle through the cabinet and next to the pistol

I don’t know how to shoot is the bathroom key.

“There you are, sir,” I say, gesturing out the door to

the right.  I wanted to laugh real loud after he left

to drop a load, but he was so earnest – like he was

really tryin’ to be a gentleman just how his momma

taught him.  five minutes later he returns the key

with a shaky tip of a Montana Troutfitters cap and a

“Thank ya, ma’am.”  squinting out glass

double doors at vehicles choosing which

direction to drive,  I decide the podunk little

7-Up and Cheetos oasis I’m holdin’ down ain’t

so bad, you know?  it’s alright.