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Dead Dog Logic

February 8, 2010

reading the circular bumps of

your brain scribbles with accuracy

mirrors my right hand stroking

the wooden frame of a guillotine

with the grain.


but I am the lovely and good I am the expression of

but I am the lovely and good available for purchase with

but I am the lovely and good cracking locks and lifting away


I’m not hugging dead dogs

yet but it won’t be long

I’m betting.

Your Elation is in Direct Opposition to Idolatry.

January 27, 2010

the nuclear family is about to explode

and splatter bloody chunks all over

the minivan, which I hope explodes as well

because that would be badass.

we as molecules will multiply out from

and onto each other without restraint,

cracking jokes about subatomic schisms

and waking up cradled by our friends’ forearms

and backs.  we will live slap-happily together

and save fossil fuels, because dead dinosaurs

are real pissed off about

gettin’ milked all the time.


our cats and dogs will sleep

in the trees and vines, hunting

with us in calico war paint mirroring

streaks of earthy joy running

down our chests and backs, parallel

columns of priceless sinew purring

hammock sighs in August darkness.


we will dump spare change

into the streets and hand out bagels

for free, we will fist bump grandmothers

and play air guitar in the frozen food

aisle, we will sprint down stairs into

each other colliding with a sound

like strings and bells and choirs

proclaiming the anniversary of

a new beginning.

Fingerprint Phonics

November 6, 2009

“that our eyes read
at all holds the key”
said the balding guru.
“but my dog read
The Brothers Karamazov”
I protested. “he’s lying,
you dumbass.”


he continued.
“let them glaze over
the text like donuts
making decisions,
let them slide down
the page like horny
fingers on a woman’s
you’ll get there;
just keep at it.”

everyone I meet
brings with them
the inevitable symmetry
of sandwich halves
one vertical slice
through skull and spine

does the man behind the curtain
have more opposable thumbs
than we originally imagined?