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Today My Typewriter and Camera Came Home

November 27, 2010

I think my immune system is confused and scared. It has no idea what to do, so it’s doing everything until it falls on the right thing. The right thing might be a sore throat, given its consistency, but headaches are another viable option.

Tonight I opened our deck door and a longhaired Siamese cat from nowhere nuzzled my legs. I think it’s lost, but hasn’t been lost long ’cause there’s some burs tangled in its fur but it’s still clean and soft. It zig-zagged in front of my feet going to my car, so I carried it and its eyes closed and purred with its whole body. It sat by the door when I went inside.

For the umpteenth time I’m reading Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, which means something to me in the way dead grass patches in our backyard where posts of a swing set used to be mean something. I thought of it when the cat appeared and thought angels exist and sent me a soul because in the story people’s souls live outside themselves as animals, but my parents said the cat zig-zagged in front of their feet too.

My friends Jazz and Ariane said mine would be a phoenix but with peacock feathers and not fire ones. I don’t know if I agree but it’s nice to know someone thinks you look like rebirth and jewel colors.

Today I Wore Uncomfortable Clothes

November 18, 2010

I had to look nice for people who are earning money for things like the scholarship that lets me go to school for free so that’s totally okay.

Also, I talked to a camera and had to promise I wouldn’t adjust my uncomfortable bra strap while recording, a promise I kept but no one made me promise I wouldn’t say “holy shit.”

If you are a place, there are
carousels and beautiful people
banging each other all over the grass.

This kind of day just happens sometimes, and it can’t be helped.

If We Are Done Then Oh Shit It’s All Screwed

November 17, 2010

I was totally stupid and forgot to say how I introduced readers for Jeremy Bauer’s chapbook release reading at Village Green Records tonight in Muncie before it, you know, actually happened. Goddammit. But you should buy Jeremy’s chapbook, titled The Jackalope Wars because it will cradle your heart in a fleece blanket. Order it here you damn ol’ fool.

Also, you’ll notice where you’re orderin’ dat chapbook is my friend Tyler Gobble’s new site for publishin’ things. I’m on there and HO BOY I got emotions like flittin’ insects all pretty.

After the reading I drank a Mike’s Hard and sat on a church’s concrete ramp and wrote a thing. Hm. I feel animal and hope the moon ain’t done with me yet. Let’s howl all always yes.

You’re a city south of here and I just wanna go home.

Today’s Weather Forecast Feels Like Watching JAG Reruns In The Dark

November 16, 2010

This is a lovely story.