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The Only Time I Strangled You Was When You Asked Nicely

September 17, 2010

Tonight Tyler Gobble and I drank beer and listened to music and that was one of the better parts of my day. Another part was angry yelling and stomping around my friend Lindsey’s kitchen, because

The More You Know

-Rainbow Star-

About Some People The More You Want To Say, “Hey, Sit Down On This Couch For A Second” And Beat Them With Their Taxidermied Childhood Pet

And Shove The Hairs That Fall Off Of It Up Their Nostrils (Assuming This Is A Long-Haired Dog Or Cat) And As They Are Losing Oxygen Gaze At Them Lovingly And Whisper “You Are My Sunshine” Then Light The Hairs On Fire And Roast Marshmallows Over TheIr Head With Your Family And Friends As They Succumb To The Flames