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Butterfly Lids

March 5, 2010

we fluid hominids are born at wishy-washy point seven water

content, butterfly wing eyelids blinkin’ and blinkin’ at all the

planets spinnin’ and stutters askin’ “why?” real quiet,

antennae lashes battin’ a perfect average, hittin’ a home run

every time.


they’re gonna flake off and die, soon,

and we’ll all be starin’ at the sparkly fathoms

every hour of every day, gettin’ old.


when I wake up it’s like I’ve been livin’ alone

in a bathroom stall my whole life, then I look

over the divider and bonk my head on the palm tree

growin’ outta the bowl, surrounded by bushes,

birds chirpin’ in the foliage.


take the awful heavy things,

them feet stand on new dirt.

smile without teeth, real big.


February 23, 2010

I’m gonna smack da happies into yer head

with a tennis racket strung with angel hairs –

hairs from actual angels and the pasta

and angel hair pasta made by angels

with hair and angel hair pasta

made from the fallen out hair of bald angels

and angel hair pasta made

by bald angels and angel hair pasta

made by hairs from actual angels

and angel hair pasta that is the offspring

of angel hair pasta mating with hairs

from actual angels and angel hair pasta

made by angels with angel hair pasta

for hair that are the offspring of angels

mating with angel hair pasta and angel hairs

from angels that are the offspring of angels

mating with their own hair and and and and and


Be happy, for you.

Personal Space

November 18, 2009

we’d had enough to drink.

we were faceplanted on the lawn. grass

stole the contact lens from my right eye

and the streetlights became glowy planets.

we crawled in the road, boozy

rocket ship babies colonizing and

assimilating and genociding every

last one of those poor bastards.

after conquering the known

universe, we crash-landed

into each other on the porch,

giggling in the dark, sweating

through our t-shirts. we

subdued the earth, our bellies

gurgled,  and we passed out, happy.