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Words About Some Things

February 13, 2010

the articulated sounds I have made

to throw a blind dart at the target of

what happens keep falling short

and arcing away, my murder mirrors

and throat fires and gut strings

beat tiny fists against padded

walls crying to be heard,

beyond rescue.


there are things to say about time

and distance and irony that are being said

better than I will say them, I am tired

from pulling against formless

draw-and-quarter horses spurred

by cynics hungry for something honest

to be destroyed for the sake of

being honest.


the last thing I have left is

speechlessness when

an involuntary agh sighs

through a collapsing chest

and speaks volumes, hold


Vomit Was Released In 1956 And Went To #1 On The U.S. Country Charts. It Got Pretty Good Reviews.

December 6, 2009



Just say it.  Vomit.


There’s nothing wrong with saying it.


People vomit.


I bet there are at least a dozen people vomiting right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


I mean, it’s unfortunate that they are vomiting, but there is now therefore no condemnation for those who vomit.


“Get sick” and “be ill” are spineless cowards who weep on their mothers’ aprons.  I have no use for them, and neither should you.


No one has ever been as honest with me as Vomit.  When it said, “You should really break up with that asshole,” I vomited in your car and didn’t apologize. When it said, “You’ve put on some weight over the past year; do you really think you need that chicken alfredo?”  I vomited in the toilet and sprayed lavender-scented disinfectant.  When it said,“I think your struggles with weight and being single have led to some self-esteem problems that have caused you to become bulimic,” I said, “What the fuck man, you told me to do all that shit.” Vomit replied, “Hey, nobody’s perfect.  And now your ass looks fantastic.”


Besides, my mother told me never to marry a man ashamed of his own vomit.  Therefore, we are over.