Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck: Scarecrow Collateral, One Two Three

it’s like running too fast and being too tall at the same time then seeing yourself  collide with telephone wires and cut off your own head except it’s not your own head it’s somebody else’s head and you’re screaming because they’re bleeding and they look surprised not because they’re actually surprised but they were surprised ten seconds ago when their head was still attached to their neck and you’re screaming oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck and crying more than you have since first grade at your great-grandmother’s funeral because it was scary not black bat and witches scary but pink wallpaper and boring organ music scary, the scary that tries to hide itself behind nice things and becomes scarier by veiling its-

-elf in flowers and velvet oh god please stop you are terrifying me with your quiet Central Park stroll toward death maggots roasting your eyeballs for kabobs, my cynicism and sincerity have been switching nametags to fuzz clarity for laughs well HA HA HA here they come spitting “we ain’t got time for mental glitches bitches let’s get down to business” then forget Fibonacci leaves & leave out obvious non habeas corpus in accidental oversight of Origens and remove hats in shame to countless straw women losing husbands to canons fired in the wrong dir-

-ection if I’m slightly insane and don’t believe it when you schedule all my friends to sit stiff on the living room couch for intervention in nice outfits to break it to me gently I present you proudly with the perfect evidence to use against me.

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4 Responses to “Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck: Scarecrow Collateral, One Two Three”

  1. Holy Fuck – Milkshake | Holy lands tours - holyland Says:

    […] Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck: Scarecrow Collateral, One Two Three … […]

  2. dcdiffycult Says:


  3. dusty Says:

    whats this krap? no its not lazy. its efficient. il get premium and a net book . he who knows? safe bet i be

  4. dusty Says:

    but ikneed to be my own muse. i need help and only find it in the kindness of women. margarie came from the broadcasts not a cd. should i say one of the lawst dogs are mine. i ll call for each one by the numbers. i ll know when i hear.

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