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If We Are Done Then Oh Shit It’s All Screwed

November 17, 2010

I was totally stupid and forgot to say how I introduced readers for Jeremy Bauer’s chapbook release reading at Village Green Records tonight in Muncie before it, you know, actually happened. Goddammit. But you should buy Jeremy’s chapbook, titled The Jackalope Wars because it will cradle your heart in a fleece blanket. Order it here you damn ol’ fool.

Also, you’ll notice where you’re orderin’ dat chapbook is my friend Tyler Gobble’s new site for publishin’ things. I’m on there and HO BOY I got emotions like flittin’ insects all pretty.

After the reading I drank a Mike’s Hard and sat on a church’s concrete ramp and wrote a thing. Hm. I feel animal and hope the moon ain’t done with me yet. Let’s howl all always yes.

You’re a city south of here and I just wanna go home.