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Today I Was Part of a Conversation That Included The Word “Hork-Bajir.”

October 31, 2010

My friend Ashley talked about this┬álovely thing here. I felt breezes, smelled apples, craved April. Contrary knows where it’s at.

Today I read Dan Bailey’s Drunk Sonnets then fell asleep with Jack, the house golden retriever, whose fur smells like my winter vest or Cool Ranch Doritos depending on where you put your nose. I heard his gut make sounds like two kinds of jelly in the same jar wrestling each other. This is a good way to spend Halloween if you’re not giving Tootsie Rolls to little humans.

My head and belly have felt sick and scared-like today, sometimes. They were probably confused that I didn’t eat for almost 24 hours but that got solved so hey, what’s up?

I miss playing Ocarina of Time.

Oh, do I know things.