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Deathwish of a Paranoid Neo-Conservative

October 21, 2009

The ticker reads “Obama misread Cuban offer”

And “Pakistan faces mortal threat.”

I’m waiting for when it comes right out, says

“Better hold on to your hats, motherfuckers,

It’s Armageddon time.”


We’ll be scared shitless

By big guns and bigger planes

And we’ll shove our children

out back doors, whispering

Run as fast as you can; don’t stop for anyone!

But their fat Dorito-fed asses

Won’t escape.


I hope when they drag us

From our houses to off us

We’ll be tied back-to-back

to save bullets, the same slug

Passing through our wet, pink mouths

We’ll sing to soothe our panicked brains,

“We’re still a-livin’, so everything’s OK”

As they blast our blindfolded faces

To smithereens.