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February 23, 2010

I’m gonna smack da happies into yer head

with a tennis racket strung with angel hairs –

hairs from actual angels and the pasta

and angel hair pasta made by angels

with hair and angel hair pasta

made from the fallen out hair of bald angels

and angel hair pasta made

by bald angels and angel hair pasta

made by hairs from actual angels

and angel hair pasta that is the offspring

of angel hair pasta mating with hairs

from actual angels and angel hair pasta

made by angels with angel hair pasta

for hair that are the offspring of angels

mating with angel hair pasta and angel hairs

from angels that are the offspring of angels

mating with their own hair and and and and and


Be happy, for you.


Between the Risks

January 25, 2010

your six-string pickings are familiar like little red wagons

and white gravel drives or pedaling past barn skeletons

to Shirley’s grave in summer, self-taught on the few days left

to be young.


at fifteen I asked the nighttime forest to adopt me

into a broken clock religion of firefly rites

and boundless chapels housing windows shining

across midnight ceilings.  I was baptized

by the high sweet voices you gave me

and crucified the glaze on my eyes,

throat ringing harmony.


for years I could only love the things you loved

without hesitance, my heart was your heart

and it walked around outside me, burning

and humming strains of genius.


if there’s only room for one song when my

synapses are misfiring finally,

I want it to be yours:


d  a  b  g d

f#  g  a  d

c  d  g  b  d  g