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backstroke of terror

September 22, 2010

vis a tergo has My Puppy Dog Heart Whines When You Leave up on their site. I appreciate that.


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September 12, 2010

I’m nervous most of the time. I scribble out letters on guacamole packages in Aldi so they read “made with 4 fresh ass avocados.”

Barfing myself to sleep sounds like it will stop my liver from soaking in fidgety chemicals. It rarely works.

You Can Have My Arms, Here, Take Them

September 9, 2010

everyone i love is becoming a fragile fish falling off my dresser

everyone i love is crumpled at the bottom of my closet when i’m ready to look at it again

everyone i love ignores the stains on the comforter

everyone i love comes with multiple layers of meaning when done well

everyone i love dancing in an upstairs apartment, praying to air

everyone i love kisses the salt off my legs

everyone i love is still up when i fall asleep and i know it and i worry and i know it

everyone i love will break off into the ocean

everyone i love will touch foreheads

everyone i love knows by the end

for Jack, the golden retriever that lives in my house

September 2, 2010

you know how to obey
but you don’t
have the ability to love

here is some pizza

i like this a lot

August 29, 2010

this thing doesn’t leave my memory

holy shit you guys

August 24, 2010



I have not posted since last month GROSS

but it is okay because I have just been hanging out with my friends who are golden retrievers wearing bellhop suits that operate a roller coaster built on tracks of rainbows for a living. They are all for Obamacare.


I am working on a poem about something that happened in July and one about a man I don’t know and one about someone I graduated high school with.

Once I saw a man wearing a button on a fishing hat that said “Darwin is Dead, Jesus is Alive” and I lassoed him around the neck with my tongue and shook him til he died. Afterward I had lunch at Long John Silver’s with his wife.

i should have studied to be an underwater ballerina

July 5, 2010

fourpaperletters is quick! the piece I mentioned in the previous post is here (and accompanied by a really sweet picture):


buddy baby boy

July 4, 2010

I will be having a short prose poem called “This Doesn’t Go With Stripes” published by fourpaperletters. I will link to it here when that happens.

(today hees huh mericka)

bye the weigh

June 28, 2010

i haven’t bragged about this yet butz i’m gettin’ purblurshed in vis a tergo in late september, a poem called “My Puppy Dog Heart Whines When You Leave” which will not appear on this blog but the link to the published poem will



June 28, 2010

Wordle: Want