Sitting In Your Doorway Means “I Miss You”

Today I finished Miranda July’s collection of short stories No one belongs here more than you. The moment after I did I felt like if I said “wow” out loud I would look up and pieces of light would be floating around my head. Giving Eskimo kisses. Glowing my hair.

If, someday, I have a daughter and don’t name her Lyra, I’ll feel like I missed out on something that was supposed to happen.  I don’t believe in supposed to happen and where is this coming from?  Partly a terminal obsession with His Dark Materials,  but supposed to happen is a cruel thing because of things like multiple sclerosis and kid soldiers in the Philippines used as bullet shields and human beings and their suffering used as a means to a nebulous end in which suffering continues for many or most human beings is not justice.

Lyra is a good name.  Every advantage helps.


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