i like this a lot

this thing doesn’t leave my memory


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2 Responses to “i like this a lot”

  1. tlgobble Says:

    That is quite the piece–the images, the oddity of it that equals the oddity of unconditional love, the pace of the sentences.

    I wonder how it would have read if the last line were the first line. Not saying better, just thought of it.

    Ashley Ford showed this too me a while ago, and we were both stoked about it.

    Some reason I was reminded of this piece: http://quickfiction.org/read/2112/bobby-kennedy-and-his-sea-lion-sandy/

    Thanks for reminding me.

    • Layne Ransom Says:

      i’m not entirely sure why but i understand how that would remind you of Martinez’s piece. they both have this immediate and straightforward yet odd affection glowing out from them that’s hard to put a finger on. thanks for that – I really enjoyed it.

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