i should have studied to be an underwater ballerina

fourpaperletters is quick! the piece I mentioned in the previous post is here (and accompanied by a really sweet picture):



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5 Responses to “i should have studied to be an underwater ballerina”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Hey. I’m really excited to see this publication, along with the string of ones you’ve been getting. Also, looking forward to the Broken Plate class. Keep up the good word work.

  2. Layne Ransom Says:

    hey, thanks a bunch! You are one cool dude and I’m lookin’ forward to havin’ the class with you as well.

  3. Tyler Says:


    Thanks. See you soon.

  4. sheepgomoo Says:

    a of all- congrats on all the published things!
    b of all – just found your site. I can’t wait until you’re famous and published and I can be all ‘yeah, i graded her papers. Pretty much like, her biggest influence. Ever.’ har har. Good work though!

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