bye the weigh

i haven’t bragged about this yet butz i’m gettin’ purblurshed in vis a tergo in late september, a poem called “My Puppy Dog Heart Whines When You Leave” which will not appear on this blog but the link to the published poem will



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19 Responses to “bye the weigh”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Fantastic to hear, Layne.

    Hope your summer is going well. See you in The Broken Plate class!

  2. who Says:

    Nice Layne!! is it E UNUM kind of published?

    BTW you are gifted!

  3. Layne Ransom Says:

    I don’t know what you mean by “E UNUM kind of published” – explain?

    thank you – that is over-complimentary, but I genuinely appreciate how much you’ve read and commented. I consider that “way cool.”

  4. who Says:

    I was just teasing you for your spelling of published. E PLURIBUS UNUM is a statement put on all US currency

  5. Layne Ransom Says:

    notta cuhmeedeein

    jussa cilly gews

  6. who Says:

    know Layne, not esquire

    I think you are going to be sacrificed due to your sir name

  7. Layne Ransom Says:

    I think I will grind nails into the eyes of whomever tries to sacrifice me.

  8. who Says:

    what the hell Layne? I said OK an hour before you posted the whiole grinding my eyes out.

    I think you broke my collar bone when you had in a full nelson and made me scream submission like a little girl.

    you have my lunch money

    I changed my name so you wouldn’t call me a dumbledorf

    what else do want?

  9. Layne Ransom Says:


  10. who Says:

    I am literally in tears Layne (what was all the talk about liking me:you said if you stuffed my into a clothes dryer as a prank that you would set it at low heat “because you liked me”)

    This is IT layne, the last straw

    there better not be any camera snapping pictures and this is the LAST time a dress up as a fairy and dance for you and your friends.

    TWO OF YOUR FRIENDS PROMISSED me last week as I was passed around the casting couch that that would be my last day having to be dressed up as Tinker Bell

    They broke their promise layne!
    this is not fair
    well I guess it’s fairy, but non-the-less not fair!

  11. Layne Ransom Says:

    “this is the LAST time a dress up as a fairy and dance for you and your friends”

    this will certainly not be the last time I read that phrase because it does smiles to my mouth.

  12. who Says:

    you’ve been grinning the whole time plucking clerk

    • Layne Ransom Says:

      let me respond with what a time-traveling polygamist dinosaur might say if he traveled to Renaissance England

      “oh hey Henry the Eighth wanna create a new church and score some babes while retaining a belief fundamental Catholic theology?



      I ate the heads off your future wives just to save you some time

      oh it was no problem”

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