Butterfly Lids

we fluid hominids are born at wishy-washy point seven water

content, butterfly wing eyelids blinkin’ and blinkin’ at all the

planets spinnin’ and stutters askin’ “why?” real quiet,

antennae lashes battin’ a perfect average, hittin’ a home run

every time.


they’re gonna flake off and die, soon,

and we’ll all be starin’ at the sparkly fathoms

every hour of every day, gettin’ old.


when I wake up it’s like I’ve been livin’ alone

in a bathroom stall my whole life, then I look

over the divider and bonk my head on the palm tree

growin’ outta the bowl, surrounded by bushes,

birds chirpin’ in the foliage.


take the awful heavy things,

them feet stand on new dirt.

smile without teeth, real big.

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