I Don’t Know About You, But Pants.

I am dumber than a sack of rocks.

I don’t even know what rocks are

or why the hell they are in sacks.

I just forgot what a sack is.

If someone can tell me what

“sack” is, I will give them an

unspecified amount of money

because counting is hard and

pisses me off.  Due to hearing

the phrase “pissed off” many times

in conversation, I have come to believe

that urinating is a socially acceptable

manner of expressing anger and piss

all over myself whenever I am

pissed off.  Thankfully, I am rarely angry

because it is hard for me to think and

subsequently form views about

which to become pissed off – also,

I have many pairs of pants.


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3 Responses to “I Don’t Know About You, But Pants.”

  1. anonmouse Says:

    That’s crazy talk.

    I am being serious for a second though. I was told two nights ago to say

    “margaret please take me home”

    I wasn’t actually told that per se however it was a line from a song that while I was listening to the music two nights ago it that specific line played about four times louder than the rest of the cd. During those lines my ears hurt as the level when so high the sound distorted and I thought for sure I blew out a speaker cause there was a hissing staticky sound that continued for a couple if seconds.

    I thought for sure it was a blank CD that the sound levels got messed up on. I ejected the CD and it was NOT a recording. I played it again and nothing happened. The same song played but it didn’t blast that line like it did. I started laughing as I repeated the line

    “margaret please take me home”

    I posted that as a comment very earlier yesterday morning when I logged on before I left for work.

    On my way to work I heard on the radio a news clip about a woman who answered a similar call in helping someone in need.

    they said the lady’s name was Margarie Ransom

  2. josephmchugh Says:

    Great title.

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